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LOCSS works with clients to build a framework for success in the new economy, by incorporating
principles of sustainability, diversity, and inclusion.
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LOCSS is dedicated to steering organizations on a defined, deliberate path to greater representation, responsibly, with a vision to upholding principles of environmental stewardship.

We offer an array of services that align with core values of sustainable growth, inclusion, and empowerment for all. The journey started in 2013 working to address energy poverty in East Africa and culminated in the successful closing of a 3-year project bringing renewable energy to an orphanage in Tanzania. Through contribution as an advisor to Women in Renewable Energy, WiRE, and a current volunteer board member role with StepUp in Energy Management, LOCSS President Lisa Oelke, demonstrates ongoing passion and commitment to diversity and inclusion for women.
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Mission Statement

Utilizing a collaborative business model, our commitment is to deliver exceptional value and integrity, equating to meaningful and sustainable returns for our clients. We fully embrace our promise to remain environmental stewards, loyal to our values in the delivery of quality solutions.

Sustainable Commitment

From the earliest days, our focus has been on conservation, recycling, reducing our carbon footprint and living sustainably. Through the generation of solar power, we have contributed to clean renewable energy exported to the Ontario electrical grid.

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion

We manage our business in a manner that respects the distinctive cultures, traditions, and values of all people, demonstrating equality, diversity and inclusion.


LOCSS prides itself on ethical business practices and adheres to strict anti-bribery and corruption policies and requires the same of our clients and partners.

Lisa Oelke


With extensive global experience in renewable energy,  we bring scalable solutions for small and large businesses to succeed in the new economy, ethically, through an inclusive framework. Energy costs are more than double what they were in 2010 and by 2030 we will likely be paying close to 0.40kWh for power in Ontario. LOCSS aims to serve as a conduit between municipalities, utilities, building owners and home owners who have interest in a path toward cleaner energy, at the source whether it be behind the meter, off-grid, the addition of EV technology or building integrated PV, which is growing at a rapid pace.

Throughout the past decade, LOCSS gained intimate knowledge and familiarity through participation in the Ontario RESOP, FIT, Micro-FIT, LRP, ICI, Peak Shaving and Save On Energy programs. In addition we  have supported capital projects in Alberta, Jamaica and the United States.

LOCSS partners with a network of senior influencers to offer a robust suit of services. Through these associations, our clients benefit from access to cyber security awareness and training, professional recruitment services,  and Indigenous lead project management training programs.


Philanthropy is a guiding principle, at the heart of how we define ourselves. The “giving” formally started in 2003 when Ms. Oelke, living in Jamaica, reached out to support social services for vulnerable teens at the Windsor Home for Girls in Jamaica, WI. The journey continued the next decade after a visit to support orphaned children in Tanzania. As founder, fundraising lead and program manager for the solar Majengo in lights and electricity project, (SMILE, Tanzania, off-grid solar) , LOCCS with a team of dedicated professionals, mitigated energy poverty for this East African community in need. Our desire is to commit resources for future charitable initiatives to benefit vulnerable and marginalized people in Canada.

With mentoring activities including a former advisory board position for Women in Renewable Energy, WiRE, we endeavour to add meaningful contribution to  the  advancement of women in the energy sector.

Currently, Ms. Oelke is thrilled to further lend her time, expertise and guidance in her role as Director on the board of StepUp, Energy Management.


Mitigating Energy Poverty

Our history of addressing energy poverty with sustainable solutions remains a key focus for LOCSS.

Energy Management & Efficiency

We collaborate with our clients, leading conservation initiatives and build sustainable solutions that limit negative impacts to the environment.

Climate Transition

We position ourselves as leaders in the clean energy transition. As North America moves away from heavy fossil fuel dependency, the economics are favourable for alternative models, generating energy at the source. LOCSS in collaboration with energy partners, offers a full suite of Solar, and, or EV charge system design, site preparation and readiness, component supply, delivery , installation and commissioning.

Sustainable Economy

We build trust as good stewards of the environment. We align with nations who are calling attention to the ``Climate Emergency`` imploring action to step up commitment to reduce fossil fuel dependency and embrace low carbon sustainable technologies.

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

We support our clients with resources to successfully, and economically, transition to greater vehicle and fleet electrification.

Manufacturing Adaptation to New Markets

We aim to responsibly bring value to our manufacturing clients as they adapt and grow within a low carbon, on-shore economy.
Lisa Oelke and Jen Aitchison, Canadian Wind Energy Conference, Montreal, Quebec.


Drawing on extensive experience within the manufacturing and energy sectors, we lead businesses to create a winning model in today's transitional, new economy.

We work with people, teams and organizations and rely on attributes of agility, self-awareness, and diversity to effect progressive adaptation to an inclusive, sustainable and collaborative culture. Our focus is to support, drive and deliver clean energy solutions to reduce the impacts of climate change. Our partners align with our values of equity and transparency as we drive efforts to bring greater solar energy online and promote the adoption of electric vehicle use. We place value on understanding our clients needs, assessing their energy footprint and designing solutions that consider comfort and lifestyle for ultimate satisfaction and resiliency.




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